Ionosil colloidal silver-vattenrengöringsprodukt

Ionosil colloidal silver

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Ionosil colloidal silver.
IONOSIL colloidal silver was sold prior to supplementation.
IONOSIL colloidal silver, a water treatment product that effectively kill bacteria, fungi, viruses, protozoa, and unicellular type amoeba and plasmodium (malaria).
IONOSIL is a product that is classified as a water disinfection product with strength 10 ppm, equivalent to 100 micrograms of silver per 10 ml of product.
That something is in colloidal form means that it is dispersed into microscopic floating particles whose electric charge causes the particles repel each constant. The particles are so small that there are billions of silver particles in a box of size one times one millimeter.
IONOSIL comprises about 90% of silver ions and the rest of silver in particulate form. Science knows that it is the silver ion which have anti-microbial properties.
Klassifisering Water cleaning product. Product sorting now the Chemicals Agency. EC Number: EC 231-131-3, CAS 7440-22-4.
The product effectively kills fungi, viruses, bacteria, and most forms of unicellular parasites of type amoebae and protozoa.
  Dosage: Mix two teaspoons IONOSIL per liter of drinking water to disinfect. Shake and let stand 15 minutes. The water is then ready to be drunk.
The reason to wait 15 minutes to give the relatively slow-release silver ions the time they need to perform their jobs.
The water is then (if not re-infected) usually free of bacteria in many weeks.
IONOSIL is produced with modern electro colloidal production methods. The raw materials are deionized water and 99.9 percent pure silver.
IONOSIL maintains a strength of 10 ppm + / - 1 ppm. This is equivalent to 10 mg of silver per liter of product.
Sustainability is around two years. Approved agents for water treatment

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