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If Betaglucare

Betaglucare is a natural food from oats that lowers cholesterol and blood sugar. One dose (1 ml) a day of hands to get these effects. It is easy to supplement your regular breakfast of Betaglucare, by example, sprinkle it over the file, yogurt or your porridge. The flavor is neutral and crisp.

Betaglucare approved as foods for special medical purposes - Cholesterol / Diabetes, and can thus be included as part of the treatment of these diseases. It is also considered oats to be good for the stomach. Betaglucare lower the GI by slowing absorption of carbohydrates. It offers an extended experience of satiety and reduces gotta have something sweet. Cholesterol lowering by bile acid in the stomach is tied.

output is not affected by concomitant medications. Betaglucare is based on beta-glucan - a soluble fiber derived from the Scandinavian oats. Betaglucare containing 3g beta-glucan per serving, which is the documented amount needed to lower cholesterol and blood sugar. Betaglucan includes many treatment programs and in national guidelines for treatment of diabetes.

Betaglucan attributed to three interesting features-reduced cholesterol-lowering blood glucose and improves gastrointestinal function. Is a gel-forming fiber, beta-glucans, which is why these effects.

Betaglucare How much should you eat each day? The recommendation is at least one deciliter a day with meals is recommended to drink a glass of water to each portion that promotes gel formation. In order to facilitate additions to the regular diet is Betaglucare almost tasteless. You who have difficulty chewing rekommenderars to let Betaglucare be a while in the water, milk or file.

Betaglucare ® Has any side effects? Due to the high content Betaglucares of fiber, you rarely feel "noisy" in the stomach. This is normal and temporary. Betaglucare is a well documented product and has no known side effects.

Betaglucare includes a 22% beta-glucan of high quality. One serving (1 cup) Betaglucare contains three grams of beta-glucans from oats.

Product content per daily dose (1 cup or 25 g) is, "Energy Value 264kj (69.75 kcal) Protein g Carbohydrate 4:25 10:55 g - of which fructose 0.73 g Fat: 0.85 g - which saturated 0.17 g - monounsaturated fatty acids 0.42 g Dietary fiber 6.6 g - of which gelling glucan 3.0 g

Ingredients: oat bran, maize flour, fructose.

* 28 Prorsum Health Care AB is an innovative Sahlgrenska Science Park. The company focuses on products against the major diseases under the registered trademark Jaw Funds ®.

- Medium Jaw is a brand name for a natural product with scientifically proven medicinal effects. It should be seen as complementary in the treatment of lifestyle diseases, along with a good diet, exercise and medication.

Dosage: 1 deciliter Betaglucare ® daily with meals. For example, breakfast.


For the dietary management of diabetes mellitus type 1, type, and on elevated cholesterol levels are used Betaglucare in consultation with your doctor or dietitian.

Prorsum Health Care AB

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